Description by festival organiser:

“I have the pleasure of inviting you to MagalíFest, a festival that will take place on Saturday, May 19th at Masia Pratdesaba (Malla, Vic). The initiative arises as a reaction to the situation many students have to deal with: the impossibility of fulfilling the payment of university tuition. At the moment, the prices to accede to a degree in public universities go around 1500 and 2500 euros. Students have to deal with the impotence to see how these prices increase year after year. Particularly in 2018 the cuts in scholarships have been extraordinary.

My particular case is that of a student of Fine Arts at the UB who enrolled firmly in the granting of the scholarship. The degree has a total cost of 2300€ that neither I nor my family are able to assume. Although I was able to enroll as a scholarship holder at the beginning, in mid-January the resolution of the scholarship resulted in a negative result, which was why I was obliged to pay the full enrollment. For this reason, and because of the delay of this payment, the charge has risen 5%. Given the circumstances I presented some allegations in which I defended my right to be awarded a scholarship which, later, they have also been revoked. Due to the non-payment of tuition I find my online campus blocked, which means that I can’t deliver any work, have the contents contained in it hang up or access the required exercises.

If I do not process payment imminently, the teachers won’t be able to evaluate me on any of the subjects I am studying. So, in order to continue with the studies and leave a situation no one should live, I call you all on May 19. MagalíFest is a day for leisure and reflection that, beyond looking for ways to try to cover the amount of my tuition, aims to open a space for reflection in the face of the shameful problems that affect thousands of students each year.”

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