Marc Luguera

Marc Luguera (1997), a documentary student at ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya), is an audiovisual content creator. In the XXIst century, the audiovisual world is a great unity where each part is sustained by another and where the image isn’t often conceived without audio and vice versa. This is why many of Marc’s works lead on the idea of rhythm on the screen; either in projects where the image itself (without an audio track) creates an internal rhythm or audiovisual pieces where the base is constituted in the audio, carrying the idea of rhythm to an extreme.

Another key element in his pieces is questioning the legitimacy of the image as a malleable and flexible element, which can be used as a tool for infinite distortion. Consequently, he works with underexposed or overexposed images, with contrasts and/or extreme saturation, the combination of formats, different size scales in the image itself, often framed in the capture of a specific moment that is part of a daily routine. Proceeding on the basis that everyone can be a creator of visual content since we all carry a camera on our phones, Marc’s pieces try to present a distorted alternative to this reality that everyone is capable of recording.

The nostalgic treatment is another element of interest in his projects, aware of the strength with which audiovisual content can take the viewer to a past that never existed or create a strange feeling of melancholy related to something never lived.