Heraclitus’s turned into a sophist! (a conversation about the non-existent in Tenderpixel)

Heraclitus’s turned into a sophist! (a conversation about the non-existent in Tenderpixel) is a sound installation that works as a direct response to the exhibition Becomig Plant currently on display in the gallery Tenderpixel in London. This piece by Edu contradicts the key conceptual points of the exhibition through the resignification of sound as something that is actively generated, linked to a philosophical perspective that points out speech as a generator of realities and not as a set of immutable truths. The viewer must tear the back cover of a joint publication devoted to the exhibition, which contained the activation instructions, and throw it in a plastic pool before stepping in the pool in order to generate sound with the movement of water.

The act of mutilating the book with the instructions to generate the sound also affects the main artistic-sound ambitions of the author, focused on the understanding of the sonorous act as something with its own emancipated sense of visual meaning. By ripping off the page, the public ends up destroying something that has always been linked to the transmission of knowledge, the paradigm of integrity and the act of giving importance to visual significance. Consequently, they give way to the significance of the sound, generated from the interaction of the viewer itself such as an active part of the piece and not just as someone who receives information.

This piece was carried out for the first time the 20th of July of 2018 at Central Saint Martins (London) and was only activated once because the public did not want to tear the back cover of the publication, putting in the loose rope the visual-artistic culture.