DÀO 018

DÀO 018 is a project in the conceptual circle within Edu Rubio’s work that aims to emancipate sound of visual practices, which was opened by the conceptualization of the sekhem. It emerges from the need to make clear that the ideas he proposes aren’t isolated but that can be framed on a pop context so that his conception of sound reaches the public outside the so-called “art world”, looking for a fortune that haven’t had previous authors. For this reason, this series of songs can be classified on a pop song structure, even though it plays with alternative formal procedures (such as the use of “noise”) and the notion of sound as a bearer of significance. These pieces are articulated using samplers of movie soundtracks in order to make that sounds subjugated to an image find themselves in a space with other sounds and generate a new meaning separated from visuality. Moreover, these sounds are often off-key so as to go against the classical harmony whose foundations can be found in Ancient Greece. With this, amongst other mechanisms like meaningless lyrics, the sound becomes the only source of significance. Another point that has to be taken into account is the employment of stereo so that the listener can experience something similar to the way we perceive sound nowadays, linked to a sometimes not so obvious overstimulation.