The gender teller

The gender teller is a performative project that works with the exploration of self-identity through the Internet, reviewing the idea of (a non-existent) net-neutrality in relation to the notion of gender. Based on the aesthetics of the Tarot’s imaginary so as to compare emerging technologies to this ancient -but still alive- method of knowledge, the reader uses different pre-set online tools to, through a dialog of questions and answers, determine the interventor’s gender. Consequently, it points out the cyberspace as a perpetuator of power structures, remarking how binarism is still the preponderant system of classification, deconstructing the cyberfeminist paradigma of the digital space as a free-of-boundaries context.

It was enacted for the first time the 20th of July of 2018 at Chelsea College of Art (see images) and re-enacted the 16th of November of 2018 at Scorpio Season.